Al-Lilac Foundation Tips

Test foundation along your jaw line - not on your hand and definitely not on the inside of your wrist. View it under different light settings. It must match the natural color of your neck.

Dampen your cosmetics sponge to create a sheer finish.

For a great makeover you must start with the right foundation. Whereas eye shadow, lipstick, and blusher accent the face, it is the foundation that sets the tone for a woman's appearance. If you are like most women, you have yellow-based skin and must wear a yellow-based foundation. Foundations are available in cream, liquid, or dual (powder and foundation in one). Test foundation on the jaw line or forehead.

If you want your foundation to look sheer, apply it with a sponge. For more coverage apply it with your fingertips. Professional makeup artists prefer using a makeup brush as this will apply and blend the foundation beautifully.

Tap foundation on with sponge or finger. Your skin will look luminous, yet natural.

To give the skin a dewy finish, moisten a gauze pad or wash cloth in astringent and gently pat your already made up face. The astringent (witch hazel is perfect) will remove the matte look of makeup, while leaving the skin radiant.

Open your mouth when applying foundation to expose the neck area and eliminate an obvious line at the jaw line.

Keep two shades of foundation on hand. One will be suitable for winter, and the other for summer skin. Most of the year, they will match perfectly if mixed together.

If the foundation starts to curdle, do not use it anymore.