Al-Lilac Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Shadow :
On days when you are really pressed for time, apply the base color to the eye then skip to mascara and you’re done.

When applying eye shadow to the crease of the eye, keep your eyes open and slightly tilt your head backward. This will enable you to better see the shape you are creating and allowing the shadow to go into the crease.

For more mature skin use iridescent shades sparingly.

If you have puffy eyelids do not use iridescent or frosted shadows in light colors or white. Use softer, matte colors.

If your mascara is new and the deposit on the wand is plentiful, tissue off the wand before applying to prevent smudging.

To get more product on the mascara brush try twirling the brush. Pumping it will cause the product to dry out sooner.

Try experimenting with different colors of mascara – maybe brown, navy or green.

Always use less mascara on your lower lashes.

If your mascara thickens when it reaches the end of tube, place the tube in warm water. This will help to make mascara thinner. Never add water to the tube; bacteria can form.

When using an eye pencil, open your mouth slightly to relax the eye muscles. It will make lining a lot easier without having to pull or tug at your lid.

Apply eyeliner as close as possible and even into the lashes to avoid the white line you sometimes get when liner and lashes don’t connect.

DO NOT put on mounds of eyeliner because you will look like a raccoon about three hours later.

Always use a brow color that is as natural looking as possible. The main objective is to define not create over-powering brows. To fill in, comb first, then use feather like strokes with your pencil to fill in. To create a more natural look, comb again after applying the pencil.

When using a brow definer or brush on brow, the same method is used. Comb, apply with a brush and then comb again. Sacha Cosmetics Dark Brown Single Eyeshadow is excellent for darker brows.

When using powdered brow color, use a harder bristled angle brow brush and draw tiny hair-like strokes. When using a brow pencil, maintain a sharp edge and use the same technique as the brush. You may use a disposable mascara wand to soften. The trick is comb, apply, comb.

If your brows are low or close to the eyes, bleaching them can “open up” the face. This is a practice of the world's best makeup artists.

DO NOT overpluck your eyebrows so that instead of filling in tiny spots, you will be drawing a whole eyebrow that can smudge and look very fake.