Al-Lilac Concealer Tips

Be sure to cover the inside of the nose bridge and the outer corner of your eye where we tend to get dark areas.

You can remove years from your face by applying it to the little downward turning lines at the corner of your mouth.

A concealer should match your skin tone or be one shade lighter. Use it to cover dark circles around the eyes, and any discoloration on the face. Another makeup artists trick is to apply concealer over foundation so it will cover and not be rubbed off.

Concealer doesn’t have to be worn with any makeup or powder. Sometimes all you need is a little concealer and something on your lips. Make sure your concealer is the same shade as your skin.

Concealer should be applied as sparingly as possible. You don’t want it to be cakey or thick.

Apply a little extra concealer under the eyes if that area looks a bit dark.

Don’t test concealer color on your hand. Match it to the skin on your face and neck.